What This Election Has Taught Me

In a word: Respect.

I have always believed that I have a great deal of tolerance.  Something that I have developed over time and a lot of deep thought.  However, when it has come to political issues, I seemed to have missed the boat.  This years presidential election has forced me to realize that and do something about it.  I have talked to some close friends about why they were planning on voting for Trump and why I was not going to be doing that.  What I noticed was almost all of them had the same disdain for Clinton as I do for Trump.  I decided that I had no choice but to respect their opinions and feelings on the subject.  While it is easy to fall into the thought cloud of, “But he’s such a colossal ass, it’s not the same thing,” it really is the same thing.  I wanted them to respect my opinion, so it is only right that I respect theirs.

Every voting season I find myself saddened by how people can’t seem to find respect and tolerance for each other.  I might not have been as vocal as others about my gut reaction to Trump supporters, but I definitely had it.  It has taken deliberate and focused effort to adjust that, and I feel like a better person for it.

Be respectful of each other.



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