Gratefulness Journal: People

I think it would be best for my health/heart/soul for me to start keeping regular gratefulness journals again.Because the events surrounding certain people have brought me to the point that I am, I thought it would be best if I started with why I am grateful for various people in my life.  These lists are really long, so I decided to just write one thing for each person.

  • Dave: His friendship, even when it was hard for him, has been a beacon in the storm for me.
  • Frogger: She still likes hanging out with me and the time we spend doing things means the world to me.
  • Glorfy: His being who he is makes me so proud and so happy.
  • C: I love watching her become her own woman.
  • Amy: She helps me decipher when something is bothering me because of my depression or because someone is being an ass.
  • Rachelle: She is my basket full of sunshine.
  • Mandy: She is a calm in a storm.
  • Betty: Her smile makes my heart glow.
  • Maia: She gets me better than me sometimes.
  • BJ: He helps me remember I am beautiful and desirable.
  • Andi: She is the cheerleader for me being the best for me that I can be, and when I am not, she is the dominatrix that reminds me I have to be.
  • Lea: No amount of distance can change her love.
  • Lora: She sends me cards when I am most in need of smiles.  They work.
  • Myself: I am worth being grateful for.

(There are many more people I am grateful for, but if I keep going I will never get this things posted!)


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