I wrote this today.  I am quite proud of it.

By Cecily Michelle

She is filled with desire.
This desire is new.
It comes with that flutter of butterflies that only special excitement can create.
This desire is also different than what she is accustomed to.

She reaches for her phone to ask him something,
But then she stops.
She’ll discover in time.
She knows it as well as she knows the sun will rise tomorrow.

This moment, the now, the unknown,
She doesn’t want that to fade too fast.
The memory of anticipation is never as good as the anticipation itself.
That growing, twisting, unyielding desire.


“Touch me.” she thinks.
He places his hand on the small of her back.
She gasps from the sudden leap inside her.
“Kiss me.” she thinks.

He does not.
It’s not time yet.
The night has only just begun.
He will though, they both know that.


The moments of silence are only lacking sound.
They are still full.
Their deep blue eyes say so much to each other.
They give away their desires.




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