By Cecily Michelle

Every word I read and every story I hear
The words want to burst forth from me


They stop, paralyzed
I have never been locked in this cage before
Built from the actions of men
Held together with exhaustion and apprehension
…and fear
I’m standing at the precipice of choice
And the choice is not whether I should or should not jump
The choice is how
I am going off this cliff
There is no stopping this momentum
Nor would I chose to if I could
But how do I throw my heart out into this abyss
Knowing full well that if it does not fly
No amount of horses or men will be able to put it back together
I am already held together by scars and string
Please, dear poet, do not let me crash into the harsh unforgiving ground
Hold out your hand for me to take
Help me navigate this decent
So that we may fly, together.


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