The Empty Vessel

The Empty Vessel
By Cecily Michelle

The pitcher sits alone on the table top
Always empty
Constantly trying to fill itself by filling others
“Let me tell you about me, what I know, what I have seen.”
Surely, it will be filled by sharing its own experiences
Alas, no, the pitcher still sits alone and empty
“Why can’t I be filled?  All the cups around me are overflowing.”
All the cups have inched away
Tired of always being filled by what the pitcher wants to give them
On the corner of the table, one little cup falls over
Unable to stay upright with all the pitcher’s givings
Cracked, the cup began to leak
“Pitcher! Quick, take what is pouring out of me!”
The cup poured part of itself into the pitcher
And the pitcher, for the first time, started to fill


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