NaPoWriMo: Go (An Ode to Shel Silverstein)

Go (And Ode to Shel Silverstein)
By Cecily Michelle

Busy busy busy
Scurry scurry scurry
No time to talk
No time to walk
Everyone is in a hurry


NaPoWriMo: You Too

You Too
By Cecily Michelle

When love comes tumbling down,
and you are left alone on the promenade,
with nothing but your pride,
You don’t need crumbs from that table.
They are the fool.
The only love that will rescue you,
is when you love you like mad.
Some days are better than others and
you might not have yet found what you are looking for,
but embrace these luminous times.
Walk to the water and fly your kite.
Get lost in the moment,
starring at the sun.
And walk on.
Spend your time trying to throw your arms around the world,
until the end of the world.
Rise up!
Dance barefoot night and day.
Go be a stranger in a strange land.
Don’t wait for soon,
in a little while never comes,
it is never tomorrow.
Today is the most beautiful day
because it could be your last night on earth.
For the first time,
let go of your troubles.
get on your boots,
and fly.

NaPoWriMo Day 3

Peace By Piece
By Cecily Israel

It never stops
The growing
The aching
The pain

One moment at a time
Life chips away
This day good
This day bad

I have found peace
Because I value each piece
And bad

I will make mistakes
As will the ones I love
But love them
I always will

Life changes
People evlove
Time progresses
Always forward

Distance enters relationships
Sometimes for the better
Sometimes for the worse
But it always happens

Each part of my life
Each part of my heart
Make up the pieces of me
And I am at peace with that